About Ben

Ben Swett

Experienced business leader and writer, working for the environments and interactions young children need for Cognitive, Social and Emotional Growth.

A University of Chicago MBA, Ben was a consumer products Brand Manager at a Fortune 500 company before becoming a TV writer and then a technology executive. He started a family of successful plant/gardening/internet companies in downtown Los Angeles in 1997 that were sold in 2010, when his professional focus turned to Early Childhood Education.

Ben has completed RIE teacher training with Elizabeth Memel, and worked as a temporary elementary school teacher in the Santa Monica Schools (smmusd).

Statement of Values:

I started taking RIE classes in 2005, and it changed my life. With quality Early Education now understood and supportable, we have extraordinary opportunities, both as individual parents, and as communities. There are smart, simple ways to support children’s natural development and give them tools to protect from the mental health challenges that face young children across the demographic spectrum. These approaches are not always intuitive, but they are simple, based on values, and they work. The more I’ve learned about early education, the more it has become clear to me that there is no better investment than quality early education, and nothing else I want to do with the rest of my life.

Ben serves as the Executive Director of Early Engagement a non-profit dedicated to supporting children 0-3 by coaching their adults.

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