Parenting Classes

Classes in Santa Monica

When & Where

  1. Growing Place Saturday Morning Class SOLD OUT
  2. Mid-week Dad Classes (Mid-day) forming now – location TBDcontact us if interested
  3. New classes at the Pump Station, Santa Monica – Sundays at 9:30. Information Here, or just Enroll Here!
  4. Class packages available for your school or group – contact us if interested
  5. Private In-home sessions available, too – contact us if interested regarding what you’re working on


Strong StartTM classes are communications-focused play groups for young kids and their dads or other primary male caregivers. Dads learn about their different roles and when and how to take them on. They meet other dads, relax, and learn – from their kids, from each other and from a RIETM-trained facilitator. By closely observing their children as they play freely, and through discussion and demonstrations from the facilitator, dad and kids work on “talk” that will benefit both in their lifelong partnership. Specific topics can include tantrums, conflicts, eating, cooperation, respect, responsibility, siblings, spouse/partnership, mental wellness, patterns of thought and having a good time, as well as when and how to intervene in young children’s play.

Classes are for young children (4 mos to 3 years) and their caregivers and take approximately 90 minutes. Limit 8 kids per class, with classes segregated by child’s mobility stage. Our small group becomes a pop-up community that is safe, cognitively challenging and emotionally nurturing for the children, while being peaceful, comfortable and intellectually stimulating for the adults. No Phones!

“Do Less, Observe More, Enjoy Most” – Magda Gerber

How Much/How Many

Classes come in 3-week blocks, with rolling continuation. For now, classes are offered on a donation basis, with recommended contribution of $40/class, unless offered through a school, which will set and collect their own fees.

What Else

I also teach:

Strong Start “Open Classes” for young children and their Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Nannies, Teachers, Older Siblings, Stepparents, etc. Ask if interested.

Adult Classes for parents, grandparents, teachers, school groups and other caregivers. Often parent programs for schools,

Topics include:

  • Building pre-literacy skills in infants and toddlers. Simple, fun ideas for setting your child up for success with reading, other school work, and life itself.
  • Basics of Brain Development for parents of young children. How their minds grow; the domains of development and how they interact; and how you can support optimal growth through age – and stage-appropriate challenges.
  • The Conversation Framework: talking with your child for growth! Improve your habits of interaction to develop their literacy skills and support mental wellness. As your children work on “Who am I, and how do I get along in the world” your habits can support them becoming self-confident resilient kids who can take care of themselves and others – and build more family fun.
  • Not just for Emperors: The Stoic Edge for parents and their kids – the simple ancient path to a better life through self-mastery and community engagement. The “practical philosophy” of the Roman elite from 400 bc to 100ad, and the basis for Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Quick overview here.

Let’s make the better world: Our children deserve this – from now on!

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