Who I am and where this comes from

When I became a dad, I read everything I could, and I found a framework for building mental health through Magda Gerber, Emmi Pikkler, and RIE classes taught by Elizabeth Memel.    Their work shows how adult’s habits of interaction create the child’s environment, where the child forms their own “self” through experimentation.            

who-is-ben-swettMy life changed.  It became clear that nothing is more important than giving all kids the environment and interactions they need for cognitive, emotional and social growth.   Thinking skills, People Skills, and, most important, a healthy Relationship with themselves.   A Better Kid with Less Work.    So ten years ago I turned away from my business career, staying focused on infants and toddlers, taking RIE teacher training, reading the science, and turning my consulting practice towards supporting educators and effective early education.

Today, I am proud to serve as the Executive Director of a non-profit, Early Engagement, which is focused on supporting healthy development in young children.

Now, I’m using this blog to share, and organize, this information.   You’ll get a few re-written fairy tells, quite a few very specific techniques, some helpful acronyms and listicles, some links, and a whole lot about the early stoic philosophers, who, it turns out, a pretty relevant to parenting young children.  

Please use the comment sections and help me help you.   This stuff is cool.   It’s valuable.    It’s fun, and it will give you better results with less work.   

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