What I can do for you – my role in your organization

What I can do for you – my role in your organization

III.  Models of work methods

  • Business Management for Non-profits and small enterprises: Menu of services I offer – and how it works with me – “first one’s free” etc …         Depending on what you’re trying to do, and what you need to do.  My role in your org …. Models of work methods    – – starts with board, ownership, etc.   I will help you with “what’s the plan” but first you  have to be clear on “what’s the goal.”     Steps – methods.
    • Consultant – pay me by the hour or the deliverable to solve a problem, from specific issues to general direction and identity issues.
    • Co-ED I will work side-by-side with your leader, mentoring her or him and helping develop dashboard and planning tools that will help your chief executive plan, execute and communicate better.
    • Temp ED – I will run your operation until things are stable and/or we have found an excellent long-term ED.
    • Project Management
      Help with …
    • Managing outside suppliers, such as lawyers, brokers, programmers, engineers, fundraisers, recruiters and technical advisors
    • Key hires and tricky fires
    • Bringing order to Intellectual Property and basic communications playbook
    • Creating and executing marketing and/or fund raising plans
    • Etc etc etc

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