Because film is a great way to learn

Film is  a great way to teach this stuff.  (if you are a filmmaker who will work cheap, I have a project for you).   Anyway, here are two favorite moments of mine in the same clip (about Loczy, Pikler’s Hungarian orphanage):

First, at 3:40   Right after the narrator says “The Child is not a marionette” – you can see Emi Pikler’s use of the baby’s POV.    This film shows what we’re always trying to tell people – imagine the baby’s experience, and her pace.

Then, if you are in a hurry, make yourself stop.    Watch the 30 seconds or minute or so leading up to 6:35.     See that?   The awesome experience of observing the child’s discovery is there for any adult to see – when we follow Magda Gerber’s rule of “Do Less, See More, Enjoy Most.”

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